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I spent my free time away from WordPress to develop a game called Mathooze, I would love if we could get the word out!


Before I bore you with the details, here’s the links to grab the game or see what it’s about:

Get it on Google Play Get it on PC

The boring details

Most of my waking hours are spent in or around WordPress, primarily working as a contractor or on my own plugins and themes. In my spare time, however, I like to work on different projects and the last 10 months have been dedicated to creating a simple game for Android and PC called Mathooze.

A whopping 10 months, yup! It may seem like a large amount of time but consider that I don’t get much time free from regular work so this game was developed in tiny bits of available space broken down across many weekends, which is why overall it took so long.

I’d appreciate immensely anyone who could buy the game and leave a 5-star review or alternatively share it with your friends or family if you think they might like this kind of game. Thank you so much for your support!

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