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Easily distribute premium upgrades for your WordPress products with this addon for WordPress Options!
It will make it super easy for your users to install premium content in your themes or plugins.


Easily distribute premium upgrades/addons for your own WordPress products with this addon for the WordPress Options plugin!

Just place the contents of the addon under synved-wp-options/addons so that it will look like synved-wp-options/addons/option-type-addon. This will allow you to specify options of type addon like in the following snippet of code:

$test_options = array(
	'premium_addon' => array(
		'type' => 'addon',
		'folder' => 'premium-addon',
		'style' => 'important',
		'label' => __('Premium Addon', 'my-test'),
		'tip' => __('Click to install the Premium Addon.', 'my-test')

synved_option_register('my_test', $test_options);

If this looks confusing be sure you first check out the introductory tutorial and also check out the main WordPress Options page for more information as well as new tutorials when they come out.

With the snippet of code above the user will be presented with something like this:

Addon Row

When they click on the button a very intuitive and easy to use lightbox interface will popup through which they can select the addon (downloaded from your site) and install it with 1-click:

Addon Installer UI

The addon installer even fully supports all of the alternative upload mechanisms that WordPress does out-of-the-box, like FTP for instance:

Addon Installer FTP

Purchasing this addon helps us further develop all our free plugins and themes! Thanks for your support!

Note: this product requires WordPress Options (free) to already be installed in your WordPress site, or more likely embedded in your own product.

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