WordPress Shortcodes – SlickPanel Skin


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Transform the look of many elements in the Shortcodes plugin!
It will improve the overall appearance of the shortcodes and make them more professional.


Transform the look of many elements in the WordPress Shortcodes plugin!

This skin will hugely improve how the UI elements of the plugin are presented in the front end and will make everything more professional overall.

Purchasing this skin helps us further develop all our free plugins and themes! Thanks for your support!

Note: this product requires WordPress Shortcodes plugin (free) to already be installed in your WordPress site. To install this skin simply go the plugin settings under Settings -> Shortcodes and click on the “SlickPanel Skin” button, then follow the instructions on screen.

SlickPanel Skin

Author card created with the link_user shortcode and the “SlickPanel” skin:

Author Card Slick

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