Using WordPress Shortcodes to create import/export safe URLs


One of the most powerful elements offered by the WordPress Shortcodes plugin is the link set of shortcodes. With this set of shortcodes you can easily create dynamic adaptable links to any content on your site, which are optimized SEO links.


One big problem with WordPress vanilla is that there’s no way to easily cross-reference content. So for instance when you add an attachment to your post, like an image, using the media uploader interface, WordPress simply places an HTML img tag with the absolute URL to that image into the post’s content.

This works fine when you’re just maintaining a simple blog initially but creates problems further down the line. For instance suppose you used to keep your blog at but now you want to move it over to, now you’re in a bit of trouble.

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WordPress Shortcodes – List of usable icon names

For a list of icons that you can use for the “icon” parameter for most of the shortcodes provided by WordPress Shortcodes you can check out this page.

Just remember to remove the ui-icon- prefix before you use them in shortcodes.

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