WordPress Options – add options to your products, the easy way!

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Easily distribute premium upgrades for your WordPress products with this addon for WordPress Options!
It will make it super easy for your users to install premium content in your themes or plugins.
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Simply go under the Plugins page, then click on Add new and select the plugin's .zip file.

Alternatively you can extract the contents of the zip file directly to your wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Finally, just go under Plugins and activate the plugin.

Note: you generally don't want (or need) to install this plugin manually but instead you can embed it in your plugins/themes

More Info

How do you use this WordPress Options framework in a nutshell?

Creating WordPress settings representations in the WordPress options plugin is very easy:

$test_options = array(
	'show_tips' => array(
		'default' => false, 
		'label' => __('Show Tips', 'my-test')
	'background_image' => array(
		'type' => 'image', 
		'label' => __('Background Image', 'my-test')
	'header_logo_image' => array(
		'type' => 'image', 
		'label' => __('Logo Image', 'my-test'),
		'tip' => __('Maximum size is 1024x150 pixels', 'my-test')

How do you retrieve a specific setting value from the WordPress options framework?

Once you registered your WordPress settings using the snippet above you can easily retrieve the stored value with:

$background_image = synved_option_get('my_test', 'background_image');

WordPress Options is a free WordPress plugin and WordPress settings framework specifically directed at designers and developers who wish to easily and quickly add options to their WordPress products with minimal code while at the same time providing a lot of features for power developers to extend the way the options behave.

The WordPress Options framework provided by the plugin allows creation of all kinds of different WordPress settings. Different types of data can be stored for WordPress options created using the framework and the user interface for these options will be created automatically by the WordPress options framework itself.

Eager to get started using the plugin and write some code to see it in action? Just hop directly into the introductory tutorial! The most efficient way to learn is by experiment. Also make sure you stay tuned for more tutorials in the future. You can ensure you won’t miss any by following us!

If you then also decide you want to provide an intuitive interface in your options panels for your users to easily install premium addons, you might want to consider purchasing the Addon Installer.

The plugin provides many different option types that cover most of any designer/developer requirements. The list of option types so far: boolean, text, integer, decimal, color, image, video, media, style, script, user, author, category, page, tag-list, options-page, options-section, addon.



  • Creates all Options UI elements automatically
  • Automatic submission and storage for options
  • Uses WordPress Settings API for maximum compatibility
  • Built-in value type validation ensures reliability and security
  • Multiple option types to select all kinds of data
  • Includes option types for WordPress-specific data
  • Supports custom validation for all option types
  • Options pages can be placed anywhere in the admin menu
  • Callback system to dynamically change item data
  • Optional addon that allows authors to sell their own addons